TaxBrain is the fastest-growing income tax preparation service on the web. It was launched in 2000 by Petz Enterprises Incorporated; tax software specialists in business for over 30 years. Last year it was the third most popular tax preparation service. We rate out of 10, with 10 being the highest.

Navigation and User friendliness: 7.5
Reviews on this aspect of TaxBrain are somewhat divided. There are complaints about the fact that some pages are too difficult to get out of if you make a mistake. Also, many reviewers note that the program seems to assume a familiarity with IRS tax forms.On the other hand, TaxBrain and many users rave about the ability to file a tax form in under an hour. It's very easy to use for people who know their tax forms relatively well.

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Ease of Setup: 8
TaxBrain is an online tax preparation service only. There is no download or installation necessary. Setting up an account takes a few minutes and you also have to remember to keep your account name and password in a safe place.

Feature Set: 8.5
TaxBrain is not known for having a lot of 'bells and whistles.' Some people like that, but others may do better with more feature heavy help-oriented programs. The QuickLoan means you get your refund extremely fast; this year, they promise a refund in 2 days.The Organizer is a neat tool for those familiar with the IRS tax forms. It makes it easy to copy information into the appropriate box. TaxBrain has updated its features for this tax year introducing many improvements in the interaction. We urge people to take a look.

Help: 7.5
TaxBrain has improved its Help feature significantly, adding live chat support. Its actual interface is still criticized for being too assumptive of knowledge of tax forms.

Effectiveness: 9
It's available in all 50 states. They have added an accuracy guarantee: "If we incorrectly prepare your tax return we will pay the additional tax assessment. It's that simple."

Free to sign-in and begin filling in information. You can pay the Tax Brain fee when you file or print: $19.95. More complex tax returns may be as high as $70.

Summary: 9
File in under an hour. Refund in two days. Pay when you file. 100% guaranteed accuracy. Available in all 50 states. Tax Brain assumes some familiarity with tax forms, but we'll forgive them for that. For the rest, they're about as close to perfect as you can get.

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