Tax Software

Do you find doing your taxes taxing? We have rated on a scale of 1 through 10, with 10 being the highest. TaxPrep101 looks at the following items:
  • Navigation and User Friendliness: Is the US tax software easy to get around? Is it pretty self explanatory? Is the interface clear and readable? Does it go step-by-step? Is there a demo? Are the instructions easy to follow? Can computer novices use this tax package? How is the information organized?
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  • Ease of Set-up: Is it easy to download or upload? Does it take an exorbitant amount of time to get started? What languages are available in this US tax software? Is it compatible with all operating systems and Windows or Mac?
  • Feature Set: What features does the US tax software purport to have? Do these features match up to its reputation? Can you import data from other programs? Does the software provide you with alerts or warnings if something looks dubious? Can you e-file with this software directly? Will it compare you to IRS National averages?
  • Help: Is there a glossary of tax terms or a FAQ section? Is there live chat support, a 1-800 customer service hotline or an email address for support? If so, what are the hours of operation? Is the tax software too assumptive? Does it have explanations of tax laws or changes?
  • Effectiveness: Does the product do what it purports? Does it work for every State? Are there any guarantees? Are there any other issues?
  • Prices: What it costs to purchase the product as a package or as a download. If there are any add-ons? If it costs more to e-file? Do you have to pay for an upgrade every year?
  • Summary: Summarizes relevant US tax software information, based on consumer reviews and other data collected. The best and worst features of the US tax software.

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