Tax Preparation

It used to be the case that tax preparation was a nightmare you passed onto other people. However, in these times, electronic filing is becoming the norm. According to a CNET Reviews survey, 61% of tax filers plan to file their taxes online this year. Why not? It's easy, convenient and a fast way to get your refund. Therefore, online tax preparation has become the main focus of TaxPrep101.

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We look at the major American and Canadian e-filing services including TaxAct, TaxBrain, CompleteTax and Turbo Tax. We compare advantages and disadvantages of each product. You can open our profile pages in separate windows to compare them.

Of course, 29% of survey respondents are still going to stay offline. We don't forget those people either. We discuss issues in selecting a tax preparer and provide profiles and discussions of some of the major providers of these services. Are you better off using one of these services? View our pages and decide for yourself.And we also pay attention to the 10% of CNET respondents who were undecided, "still wary of computer glitches and security." Read our background pages on advice and dos and don'ts of tax preparation.

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