CCH was founded in 1913, the year the U.S. federal income tax was created. However, the company's roots go back at least two decades previous to that. It has been online since 2000 and offers no software package.

CCH tracks, reports, explains and analyzes tax and related law, producing over 700 publications in print and electronic form for the accounting, legal, human resources, banking, securities, insurance, government and health care professions. They bring this expertise to CompleteTax online. Our ratings are out of 10, with 10 being the highest.

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Navigation and User friendliness: 9
CompleteTax has always been rated highly for its navigation. It provides links within complicated forms and links to move among forms. Reviewers generally indicate that CompleteTax knows its tax forms very well-if you do too then this interface may be right for you. With respect to most forms it will get you through them quickly.

Ease of Setup: 9
CompleteTax is online and offers no software.

Feature Set: 7.5
CompleteTax offers online chat to get answers from professionals and even help from other taxpayers. CompleteTax also uses an additional product called GainsKeeper to calculate investment gains and losses. Free electronic filing.

Help: 9
CompletTax has always rated high for this with free email help, for example. For 2005, it has expanded its Tools and resource section.

Effectiveness: 7.5
CCH CompleteTax works best if you want details, from queries to help you determine appropriate categories, or to view multiple levels of input. In previous years, it has been criticized for asking about last year's data.

Price: $32.95

Summary: 8
Good help options and fast preparation (not too many bells and whistles, as there are with some products). A century of filing experience and five years online does have benefits.

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