Irwin Mortgage

Another frequently searched mortgage company is Irwin Mortgage. Irwin Mortgage is a large player in the mortgage lending business. They have been in business under the Irwin name for almost 10 years. Before their name changed they were known as "Inland Mortgage". From the initial inception of Inland Mortgage in 1944, they have been providing mortgages for over 60 years.

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On the Irwin Mortgage website, it says: "From that single office in 1944, Irwin Mortgage has grown to one of America's top mortgage lenders with over 100 offices nationwide and servicing over $12 billion of residential loans. We firmly believe in people, community and home ownership. Every employee at Irwin is dedicated to helping home buyers achieve the American dream of home ownership."

Their website has information both for the homebuyer and the person who wants to refinance. It is grouped under clearly marked headings to help direct you to the right place for the information that you need.

Note that like many mortgage companies, Irwin provides you with the ability to pre-qualify or apply for either a mortgage or refinancing online. This can be very helpful if you want to compare quotes for interest rates as well as options available. Keep in mind that any quote will only be as good as the information that you put in. The more complete your application, the more accurate the quote will be.

Pre-qualifying with more than one mortgage lender can really help you when you are in the process of buying a home. Knowing what size of mortgage you can qualify for will help substantially in the shopping process. You'll be able to target homes in the right price range.

Using tools like the mortgage calculators can also help you determine the size of your payments for a particular home. You might discover that although you could qualify for a bigger mortgage, you are more comfortable with a smaller payment. This can also help in the shopping process.

We didn't come across any complaints about Irwin, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. Be sure to check out your local branch with your local Better Business Bureau. What you want to ensure is that you will get good service where you are, and branches can work very differently from one region to another.

Backed by the solidity of Irwin Financial Corporation, this is another lender who is quite financially stable. However, you should be looking for more than just stability in your lender. Your lender should also consider you an important client. The challenge with some large lenders is that the sma

ll home mortgage client can become 'just a number'.

Check with some of the online mortgage sites, shown above, which feature the consumer's point of view to be sure that you are going to get the kind of customer service you are looking for, no matter which lender you choose.

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