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This is another popular company to search when looking for mortgage information. Countrywide Financial opened its doors in 1969. In the mid 1980's Countrywide started expanding their mortgage and home loan division. They started opening up branches across the country in an attempt to get as much of the market as possible. By 1993, according to their web site, the company grew its loan division to be the top wholesale lender in the United States.

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We were impressed with the Countrywide website though, once we found it. You won't get to it by going to, but rather to a direct link for mortgages they have. On the Home Buying page, you'll find links to loads of information on loans, the home buying process, finding a home, and even the finding the local schools once you've found a home! If you move to the Refinance page, you'll be directed to all kinds of tools for those who are looking to refinance. The Home Equity page gives all the same kinds of goodies for those who are looking to take advantage of the equity they have in their home. You can also make your way to customer service or check out today's rates on loans.

They have another website at This one is not as informative for people who are in the process of buying a home, or exploring their options.

Countrywide is involved in all aspects of the real estate transaction. They give mortgages. They refinance. They also have real estate services for real estate brokers to build their business. Countrywide is big in the real estate and loan business!

Interestingly enough, we didn't easily find any consumer complaints regarding Countrywide and their mortgage business practices. That doesn't mean there aren't any complaints; we just didn't find any. With that in mind, it's a good practice to check with your local Better Business Bureau branch to see if there are complaints registered in your area. The practices of your local branch are the best predictors of how you will be treated. You may also want to speak with current or past customers in your area.

While Countrywide claims to offer consumers great rates, it's always wise to check and compare rates. There's no way for us to be sure that this is the right lender for you. You'll need to compare their rates with other lenders for your particular credit situation and see if you are getting your best deal.

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