Student Loan Debt Consolidation

Student loan consolidation just might be one of the smartest things youll ever do with your time. The few hours that it takes you to investigate consolidation, consult with a debt consolidator and refinance your student loans will likely save you thousands of dollars over the next few years. Student loan consolidation is especially wise in times where interest rates are at all time record lows. Until the renewal of the Higher Education Act in 2005-06, interest rates on loan consolidation is fixed, meaning that you can lock in at a low rate.

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What exactly is student loan consolidation?
Student loan consolidation is the wise way to deal with student debt. Consolidation in a broader sense is the very legal and eminently wise process where you simply borrow money to pay off all your loans. If your loans have various rates of interest, you will now have one rate of interest that covers all your loans.

If you borrowed money several years ago when interest rates were much higher, it makes absolutely no sense to hold onto those loans at those interest rates, when you can simply borrow an amount of money to match the amount you still owe, pay off the principle of your outstanding loan and have one new loan at an interest rate you can afford. Student loan consolidation is that simple and that smart.

Student loan debt consolidation consultations
You can actually consolidate your own loans, but you may want to go through a debt consolidation consultant. Most debt consolidation consultants give free consultations. This way you can learn all about loan consolidation from an expert in the field and begin the process of consolidation, all at no cost. They will add fees into the debt consolidation amount, but this will be barely noticeable to you.

The best way to get all the facts on student loan consolidation is to begin the process and consult with the experts. You can begin your student loan consolidation by clicking on the links nearby.