Bill Paying Online

Bill Pay Makes It Easy to Keep Your Bill Payments under Control

By Sufi Fanning

Just about everyone has had the frustrating, time-wasting experience of trying to pay bills over the phone, and many people still pay their bills by writing out a check, sticking a stamp on an envelope and mailing it. Even paying online can be unnecessarily time consuming if telephone, electricity, credit cards and other bills are all dealt with separately. Fortunately, Yahoo Bill Pay offers customers a much better alternative.

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Bill Pay makes it easy to pay bills online, and keep track of which bills are due and which have been paid, all in one place. Users can schedule regular bill payments, and have email reminders sent when bills are due. The home page shows a neat summary of the payment schedule and of recent payments made in the form of a bill inbox and payment outbox. A list of payments which have been made to a single payee may also be viewed with a few clicks.

Customers can pay bills to any payee they have added to their list. Its possible to pay absolutely anyone using this service. If the biller is one of over two hundred who provide an e-bill service, customers can receive and view their bill online.

Signing up is very easy, and there are two plans. For a small fee of about five dollars a month, customers have access to a Premium Plan, which includes the full range of features. The first three months are free.

They also offer a Basic Plan, which is completely free and gives customers access to a limited service. Any number of payments can be made to any biller on a list over over one hundred, and e-bills may be received from over eighty five. Bill payment scheduling is not available on the free plan.

Author: Sufi Fanning

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